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That’s a nice leek you have…

Such an honor! When one of the coolest folks you know chooses to have lines you drew permanently etched into their skin… what an indescribable joy!



Life is progressing nicely. I am making some headway on my latest piece (above), which started out as a photo taken by my friend, Ashley. It captures the moment her corgi, Scout, came to me for comfort against the big, evil cat hiding behind the printer and record player…

I’ve added different items to class the joint up, but I think the feeling is the same: my cat is terrifying.

I’m starting a new job on Wednesday and I’m terrified and excited (mostly excited). I’ve been out of work so long I was beginning to go stir crazy. My partner was able to support me so I didn’t have to settle for part time, low-paying work. I had a few art sales, and I worked (if you can call it that, when you love old books) at my friend’s bookstore over the holidays, and so was able to sustain myself. I am looking forward to the challenge and the experience.

Ramona the Cat

Colored pencil and acrylic accents on paper. 7″x8″

…speaking of beauty

I could forever study the lines that make up this man’s face and there’d be no end to my wonderment.

(Permanent) Lineart

Tattoos are fascinating. It’s always an adventure to hear the stories behind someone’s ink, and being asked to design a tattoo for someone has been a trip in itself.

I have two tattoos, and I’d probably have more if my money didn’t find its way into other endeavors. I designed both myself, waited on those designs for a year, and then got them. There’s a need for a touch up on the tattoo on my shin, but she’s held up pretty well over the last decade.

Anyway, back to this new design. It’s a leek. I had a lot of fun working on this. It reminded me of my days in high school biology where we would have to make diagrams of whatever organism we were studying at the time — my favorite type of assignment, obviously — and I would get lost in the folds and lines of some plant or strange creature viewed through a microscope. But a leek? How curious! When someone throws an idea out there my brain asks two questions:

a.) is the tattoo/location practical?

b.) why?

The first question is clearly from a maintenance standpoint. Tattoos get beaten up by the sun, washing, aging… all sorts of things can feather and blur even the most carefully inked lines. The second question is just curiosity… I’m really after the story, the love story, of why a person finds meaning in their particular tattoo choice.

Once someone explains why something is beautiful to them, it’s almost impossible for me to not appreciate that something just a bit more. The world is seen anew, and you discover beauty and meaning where you might not have seen it before. I’d make some broader statement about enrichment of the self through the stories of others — but I don’t want to get heavy-handed!






It’s real!

What an amazing feeling to see my art on a published book. Please consider purchasing this amazing novel–support local talent!

I’ve Not Forgotten Thee!

The holidays are fast-approaching. I’ve been working part-time at a bookstore and crocheting a veritable storm for last minute gifts. My hands have been busy!

Yesterday I did manage to sketch a bit as I was inspired by the snowfall. We’re luckily due for warmer temps in these parts soon.

The comic is progressing, slowly, and that’s the rub about being under-employed: all time is free and therefore unremarkable. I’m not as driven to impose my own deadlines.

I’d much rather find steady employment now than have more of this supposed “free time”. Let’s see what the new year brings; 2016 has been a rough one–I’m so hoping there’s nowhere to go but up.


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