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silent storytelling

I doodle between emails now, pondering work, my personal life, and finances. In the back of my mind I still turn over imagined complications. I’m still writing a story, while living my own, and a thousand times over I tell it to myself and I wonder… when am I going to share it with others? 

Will I ever manage to start and finish one of these little plots? There are a few worlds floating around my skull…

I won’t even say it’s procrastination, because I do work on these things… I just don’t let anyone see them. 

I can take criticism just fine, there comes a point when people see things in my work where I just slip their observations in my pocket for next time, so I know it isn’t that… 

Maybe because my little stories are there rattling around with my deepest, darkest, rawest thoughts that I’m afraid people will see too much of who I really am?

Either way, I doodle between emails and live a life that’s not mine now and again; when I’m silent, glancing out the window or chewing the end of a pen, I’m telling myself a story.

Little Projects

No, I’ve not dropped off the face of the earth, though that would be a reasonable conclusion based on my lack of posting art lately.

Art has been hard to get to lately. I’ve been working full-time, then working occasionally on the weekends, doing some commissions (see Sagittarius above). 

I’ve also been crocheting a lot… it’s a necessary stress-reliever. My job requires that I look at a computer for eight hours and, believe me, a monitor is the last thing I want to look at when I get home.

It’s a struggle to find that work-life-balance that others seem to have found. But, at least I’m getting in little doodles now and again.


I am gainfully employed now… but during this training period I find that a lot of my day is spent waiting around for something to do… it’s a little disheartening, but I hope to have an overwhelming workload soon.

In the mean time, I’ve been doodling quite a bit while a work, mostly terrifying little creatures that elicit uneasy/perplexed responses from my coworkers, i.e.: “what is that?” 

I hope in the coming weeks to kind of nail down a schedule to get my graphic novel project up and running again.

I also have that zodiac commission… hm…

Lots to do… just none of it at work… yet!

That’s a nice leek you have…

Such an honor! When one of the coolest folks you know chooses to have lines you drew permanently etched into their skin… what an indescribable joy!



Life is progressing nicely. I am making some headway on my latest piece (above), which started out as a photo taken by my friend, Ashley. It captures the moment her corgi, Scout, came to me for comfort against the big, evil cat hiding behind the printer and record player…

I’ve added different items to class the joint up, but I think the feeling is the same: my cat is terrifying.

I’m starting a new job on Wednesday and I’m terrified and excited (mostly excited). I’ve been out of work so long I was beginning to go stir crazy. My partner was able to support me so I didn’t have to settle for part time, low-paying work. I had a few art sales, and I worked (if you can call it that, when you love old books) at my friend’s bookstore over the holidays, and so was able to sustain myself. I am looking forward to the challenge and the experience.

Ramona the Cat

Colored pencil and acrylic accents on paper. 7″x8″

…speaking of beauty

I could forever study the lines that make up this man’s face and there’d be no end to my wonderment.

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