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Art Dump, Deux

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Rakuriwahtiiu in Battle

Commission for a Warmachine Player

art dump

From the Ashes; The Highwayman

Well, after hours of goofing around in ProCreate, and years of trying to find a way to tell this story, here’s a little preview…

I got it down to two-three hours a page, so, I can live with that. ‘The Highwayman’ is a 40 page vignette/origin story that I put together in Photoshop a while back. I couldn’t get the “look” right, no matter what I did. It was after some research and trying out different digital art methods I found I need that tactile sensation. My Wacom served me well for years, but it’s time to move on.

Here’s what things will look like colored. I think it’s reminiscent of old naturalist’s notebooks…

Commissions are Open

Hey all — if you’ve ever ‘liked’ my art and thought to yourself “man, I wish I had a weird bug-cat-thing of my own”, well do I ever have news for you… I’m taking commissions! I usually don’t advertise, but I have big plans that require a bit of extra bacon. So, hit me up with your ideas — pet portrait, making a template for MS Office, some art for you next tat — I’ve done it!

new ipad pro, who’s this?

Well, I took the plunge and I couldn’t be happier. Armed with an Apple Pencil, an iPad Pro, and ProCreate… I will be an unstoppable force of half-conceived, half-finished concept art… of a concept I can’t seem to bring to fruition!

Rest in Petoux

It’s been a while, WordPress. Life has a way of taking us from the things that feed our souls… work, apartment woes, death, personal dilemmas… it’s been a crazy two months.

I have been creating during that time, however. 

One of my simpler, yet more meaningful, designs was that of my late cat, Petoux. She died suddenly of heart failure at the very beginning of May. I was devastated by the loss. Even now, I still call to Petoux, and look for her in her usual spots. Not a day passes that I don’t think about my beautiful, big girl, and the short 11 years we had together.

I decided to memorialize her with a tattoo on the inside of my left forearm.

Once she’s finished healing, I’ll take a better picture. Rest assured, I’m more than happy with how it turned out. And now I have my big, happy girl with me always.

…more art and news to post later.

Some things are never done…

There’s something that I can’t quite finish about this piece, and I’m not really sure what that is. Something’s bugging me about the contrast, the centaur’s hind legs (despite using a model and darn near tracing it), the backgrounds… but… it really isn’t up to me on this one. I was hired to make these, and I’m really far past my self-imposed deadline.

I sent them as they are below to the fellow that asked for them. I’ll see what he says. I don’t want his art to fall into the pit of “it’s never good enough”… I really shouldn’t let my own art fall into that pit, either… but here we are.

Sagittarius and Scorpio

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